future of conent makreitng MDC Group Inc Aubrey Owen Sr. Vice President

The Future of Content Marketing

The last two years saw a dramatic surge in the popularity of content marketing. Many content advocates paint a bright future for content marketing for both the B2B and B2C sectors, as it emerges as an integral component of the overall marketing strategies of businesses, big or small. A recent infographic from Pardot that analyzes the metrics of content marketing says that an incredible 90 percent of in-­‐house marketers surveyed believe that content will become even more important. Ironically, 62 percent claim that they have no content marketing strategy in place.


Another study conducted by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and MarketingProfs echoes the pervasiveness and growing importance of content marketing in the marketing mix, with social media being a popular channel. As marketers intensify their efforts and solidify their positions, they face the new challenge of requesting more marketing dollars, staff and support tools from their CFOs.


There is indeed an overwhelming clamor for the use of content marketing. However, since it is a baby among a long list of marketing tools already in place, growing pains will come along the way as processes, techniques and applicable preferences will need to be tried, tested and perfected. Others assert that the future of content marketing is in visuals like videos, photos and infographics. Whatever happens, content in all its forms, will continue to dominate the marketing equation.