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With thousands of businesses using social media to shape their brands, you’re already behind if you haven’t joined a ride on the wagon. With new post every minute on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and the like it may seem pretty easy to become part of the ever expanding social media network. Just click a few buttons and you’re in, right?

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Not quite.

Social media platforms don’t run on their own. This is so true. Social media platform need constant maintenance; weekly updates and all. Its far worse than never creating a social media profile than creating one and allowing it to go stale.

Most consumers go to social media before search engines to find information. If consumers find your account hasn’t been updated since January, chances are you’ll be labeled out of business and lose their business. Social media requires time you don’t have to give up, so why not find a professional who has the time AND the experience to make it work for you.

Aubrey Owen-Marketing Analytics-Digital-Marketing-Strategy-Kansas City

Social media consulting is not another expense. You can afford social media consulting because it is flexible and offers a variety of service. There are different service packages that you are allowed to pick and choose exactly what you need. A professional can even show you how to own your experience long after they have work with you. Some of the many important things a social media professional can do for you are:

  • Help set and meet goals like increasing client, sales or page visits
  • Give information on key words to use in posts so potential clients can find you easily while increasing your page ranking in popular search engines
  • Provide client profiles and show how to tailor your brand’s message to reach potential customers
  • Provide you with numbers to show your growth
  • Plan an exit strategy should you decide to use social media for a finite time
  • Provide a sustainability action plan to keep your social media campaign moving
  • Teach you how to use social networks to put out PR fires

Not convinced yet? Think about it this way:

Social media is not just about what buttons to push on a screen. Just like anyone can set up a Facebook account in 10 minutes, anyone can learn to play chess in 10 minutes. But, it takes years of practice to be a good chess player and it takes years of handwork and experience to use social media as a way to connect with customers, generate business, communicate with the media or learn about your competitors.

You could go alone in the social networking game, but chances are you’ll end up no better off than when you started. By simply tapping into social media consulting you can begin learning how to make social media the star of your marketing campaign and finally start winning.