MDC Group Peaceful Inspiration Aubrey Owen Kansas City

We have merged The MDC Group with Windskirt Advertising

Aubrey Owen ~  President of MDC Group Inc.

Aubrey Owen Senior Vice President of MDC Group Inc at the Country Club Plaza

Aubrey handled graphic design for M.B.E. Corp. for 3.5 years while in charge of the internet marketing, sales, and graphic design, during the acquisition and build of Heartland China of Kansas Inc. Aubrey focused on building sales and business skills while studying under Harvard Business School MBA Fred P Braun, Jr. He bought companies going under then without taking pay helped micromanage to turned them around and then sold them. The profits went to non-profit. Aubrey plans to continue his legacy someday.

Aubrey Owen continues to educate herself on internet functions, changes in algorithms, and grow her knowledge in marketing and business consulting industries. Aubrey enjoys learning new and different ways to accomplish goals as well and enjoys reaching goals previously set.

Aubrey worked for a company that is the first ever encountered that cares more about their clients than their pocket book and is proud to have been a part of such an innovative group of digital expert minds at Digital Sherpa.

Live for today…hope for tomorrow…

Love work, work hard, play hard, love the Lord, and strive to be a better person everyday and you will see the limits disappear!

“Many people have helped me get to where I am today including Fred Braun, Shawn and Rod with Lazer Apparel, Anthony Clervi, Tiffany Bedsworth, Tom Cheatham, Keith Sauro, Sherry Montgomery, my parents, and many more influencers along the way. I cannot thank you enough for your guidence and faith along the way.”

Just remember to take the lessons you learn, use them for the greater good for future endeavors and to help others down the road that may benefit from your experience as well as life lessons. Cheers to an amazing 2017!

I truly believe that my best experience was when I was able to work for Digital Sherpa and help build the company within 3 years it was sold by Network Communications Inc with the aquisition. Amazing team of great people to work with.