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Company Mission

Our mission as developed by Vice President, Aubrey Owen, was born out of the dire need to begin a company that funds a local foundation named The Children’s Justice Alliance of Kansas City. During her meetings with existing boards and groups around the Kansas City Metro area, she discovered her initial plan of the Children’s Justice Alliance of Kansas doesn’t fit into the mold of the organizations that can benefit and assist children in Kansas and Missouri who are not only less privileged, but also facing some form of child abuse and domestic violence. These innocent kids are ignorant of the wrong choices and messed up lives their parents lived, and so should not be made to suffer the consequences.

 This has triggered the establishment of organizations to help children in Greater Metropolitan Area which crosses state lines. Children’s Justice Alliance of Kansas City creates an enabling environment for all the groups to work hand-in-hand, providing checks and balances for the children without breaching their privacy.


Our primary goal is to provide a haven for the children; a place they can run to for guidance, help, resources, and safety.

To launch and fund the Children’s Justice Alliance of Kansas City, we will directly channel a percentage of our earnings from the services we offer to clients.

We look forward to not only working with companies but developing partnerships that help grow the company and our relationships so that we can all be partners in improving the lives of children in our surrounding communities.  We keep all our partners updated on our goals and accomplishment as we progress.

To start off, Aubrey will be donating half of her total bonuses and commissions to help fund this organization. She isn’t really concerned about running the organization; she just wants to see this dream become a reality.

For advice, inquiries or support, please contact her directly at

Children's Justice Alliance logo FOUNDED by Aubrey Owen