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MDC Group, Inc.

Develping cohesive online branding and marketing strategies that surpass the comptetion by thinking outside the box.

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MDC Group, Inc.

Digital Strategists that specialize in developing cohesive online marketing strategies for every type of organization, business, firm, and corporation nationwide:

About Us


Company Mission

Company Mission

Our mission as developed by Vice President, Aubrey Owen, was born out of the dire need to begin a company that funds a local


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Are you a small scale business operator or a large national brand? At Market Dominance Consulting, our experts will offer you cohesive online marketing strategies that

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Aubrey Owen's MDC Group Blog

What you can do and direction you choose…Aubrey Owen

Young women should not be discouraged when facing your dreams head on. It takes drive, perseverance, motivation, and persistence…you will reach your goals in due time focus on the direction you are headed and watch the limits disappear. by Aubrey Owen

Social Media Marketing for Business Owners that don’t want to know…

With thousands of businesses using social media to shape their brands, you’re already behind if you haven’t joined a ride on the wagon. With new post every minute on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and the like it may seem pretty easy to become part of the ever expanding social media […]

It is not enough to aim; you must hit your goals! – Aubrey Owen

It is not enough to aim; you must hit your goals

Never Regret Experience…Aubrey Owen

Don’t ever regret your choices because even failures are experience. Experience helps provide expectations for your goals. Your goals will help you reach the peak of your endeavor… Never regret experience…Never regret. If it’s good, it’s wonderful. If it’s bad, it’s experience. – Victoria Holt …¬†Aubrey Owen

Digital Marketing is not as difficult as you think…

To those business entrepreneurs who dream big and stay ahead of the changes, there is no place too far out of reach for your goals! -Aubrey Owen

Slow down and enjoy your career! – Aubrey Owen

Eddie Cantor said it right! Slow down and enjoy your career…before you know it you will be the expert in your field and every young fresh graduate will be chomping at the bit for your job. Keep in mind they have less experience, but with that they cost less to […]