Content Deployment & Disbursement

Content is mere content if it does not reach its intended audience. With hyper-­‐ connectivity happening on the Internet, the best place to deploy content is online. A good start is your own company website with a few article and video postings while building a steady stream. Guest blogging on other reputable websites is another option that can trigger traffic and generate leads.


Submitting quality content to article directories is also a great way to be found. With the proper SEO techniques, link building is enhanced and traffic volume for your website is increased. This, in turn, translates to more leads and sales conversions.


Social media is a leading contender for attracting consumer attention. It is a popular content sharing site because of the massive number of social media users. As contrasted to traditional media addressing millions of untargeted people, personal interaction and specificity are staples at social media networks, making it easier for targeting to happen. Measuring the effectiveness of messaging at social media can be achieved almost instantaneously, allowing content marketers to immediately follow through and nurture sales leads for eventual conversion.


Although they are themselves types of content, press releases, newsletters, editorial calendars, white papers, webinars and e-­‐mail marketing have interlocking functions serving as distribution channels of content. For example, an editorial calendar may deploy the holding of a future webinar, conference or job fair. Developing and publishing write-­‐ups that are complementary to these events a few months before they actually happen are strategic ways of increasing traffic and generating sales leads that can become potential conversions.