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A Holistic Content Marketing Strategy

Creating content simply because it is the trend is a costly mistake. Before embarking on a content-­‐marketing campaign, determine the message you want to convey to your target audience. Make an honest assessment of the knowledge you possess to bring that message across, maintaining focus on your core business, product or brand. Any blog posts, white papers or video presentations should gravitate around the company business, avoiding any direct selling attempts or overt sales pitches. Remember that content creation aims to build image and establish thought leadership so that prospective customers will trust you enough to like and buy your brand.


Delivering the right message to the right audience is key to achieving a strategic content marketing drive. It is far more productive to target a specific audience with a single well-­‐ crafted message than deploy a generic message across the board. For instance, an oral surgeon will have more success posting a blog on oral surgery than on general dentistry. Or a store selling running shoes could turn into a hub for fitness tips on running.

Narrowing your audience to a particular group that has a genuine need for your expertise is a more effective strategy.


Creating any content and publishing it is not enough to ensure an effective content marketing strategy. Quality, quantity and consistency are critical components for that strategy to succeed. Mediocre articles and videos can be damaging to a brand because

they show a lack of professionalism. If you lack the time or skills in-­‐house, enlist the services of a talented copywriter who can create compelling content.

 ~ Aubrey Owen

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